The first Griffin Gate Community Homeowners Association meeting took place on March 15, 1987.
The first annual Christmas Dinner and Dance was held on December 20, 1987.
The Griffin Gate newsletter has been in publication since 1987.
The first president of the Griffin Gate Board of Directors was Martin Bowman.
The first official meeting of the Griffin Gate Garden Club was called to order on June 3, 1989.
The “Griffin” is a legendary creature, half eagle and half lion. With one claw raised, the Griffin is said to be guarding, in this case, the gated entrance. Hence the name Griffin Gate.
The Garden Club hosts an annual Memorial Tree Planting in which trees are planted within the community in honor of a loved one.

Rod Plank Memorial Award Winners

The Rod Plank Memorial Award was established in memory of resident Rod Plank, who passed away November 20, 1988. This award has been given annually to a member of the Association that has served the community in an outstanding manner, such as a donation of time to organize an event, help with a major project or a giving of his or her time above and beyond the call of duty.

1987 – Martin Bowman
1988 – Bob Davis
1989 – Dick & Carol Gatchel
1990 – Frank & Elsie Harris
1991 – Linda Rogers
1992 – Bob & Lu Booten
1993 – Doris Leach
1994 – Joe Koppius
1995 – John Molla
1996 – Gene VanMeter
1998 – Walter Daviduski
1999 – Anne Clay Oldham, Gayle Trutt
2003 – Don Bayer
2004 – Chase Johnson
2006 – John Daneker
2007 – Ray Betts
2008 – Bill Totty
2009 – Roy Griggs
2010 – Ellen Shay
2011 – Doris Barlow
2012 – Tom Minter
2013 – Tom Minter
2014 – Tom Rachford
2015- Lynne Prezby
2016- Don Lynam
2017- Susan Shepherd
2018- Brenda Lampkin